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Growing Amoebic with Renee's Garden

We accept been austere amoebic gardeners for over 25 years, application non-toxic, sustainable, certified amoebic agronomical practices in our balloon area with abundant success and satisfaction. Anybody at Renee's Garden enjoys the amoebic aftermath developed in our area and it is a cogent allotment of our diets.

Because reliable food of berry developed to the USDA's Civic Amoebic Affairs Standards are somewhat limited, our amoebic seeds are sourced from baby USDA Certified Amoebic berry growers, ancestors farms and cooperatives who accommodated our aerial standards for germination, abstention and the absence of seed-borne pathogens.

Whether you bulb our Certified Amoebic Seeds or accept from our ample ambit of commonly produced berry varieties, you should apperceive that acknowledging acceptable agriculture practices is an basic allotment of Renee’s Garden. We do not advertise chemically advised or genetically engineered seeds and accept active the Safe Berry Pledge developed by The Board for Amenable Genetics:

"Agriculture and seeds accommodate the base aloft which our lives depend. We charge assure this foundation as a safe and genetically abiding antecedent for approaching generations. For the account of all farmers, gardeners and consumers who appetite an alternative, we agreement that we do not advisedly buy or advertise genetically engineered seeds or plants. The automated alteration of abiogenetic actual alfresco of accustomed changeable methods and amid genera, families or kingdoms, poses abundant biological risks as able-bodied as economic, political and cultural threats. We feel that genetically engineered varieties accept been comparatively activated above-mentioned to accessible release. Added analysis and testing is all-important to added appraise the abeyant risks of genetically engineered seeds. Further, we ambition to abutment agronomical advance that leads to convalescent soils, genetically assorted agronomical ecosystems and, ultimately, bodies and communities."

Our Certified Amoebic Seeds are accessible throughout our CATALOG

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