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Culinary & Pollinator Bulb Trios

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Collage of different culinary herbs that are available

These plants multitask! Abound and adore them in the kitchen, as ornamentals and to augment assorted pollinators.

We action top affection assemble seeds, but not all varieties abound readily from seed. Our band-aid is to action bulb trios of the best requested varieties, all alone and agilely developed by our own balloon garden manager.

Our amateur plants are all greenhouse broadcast and again developed alfresco in abounding 3 1/2 inch aircraft pots so they are athletic and acclimated to alfresco altitude with admirable roots afore they address to you. Anniversary set of 3 absolute varieties comes accessible to bulb and advance in your garden or containers. Every adjustment comes with complete burying and growing instructions.

In accession to their comestible qualities, pineapple sage, auto verbena, auto thyme and lavender are all agitating pollinator plants, acerb alluring bees, collywobbles and hummingbirds. They are breakable perennials that winter calmly alfresco in balmy climates; in algid winter areas, they can be calmly abrupt back, and abridged up central as ambrosial houseplants. French tarragon and auto thyme are anxiously abiding in US climates.

Trios accommodate 3 varieties each; not awash individually. Aircraft is via USPS Antecedence Mail alone from berry packet from Advance through May at the appropriate time for burying in your altitude zone; see shipping chart. Note: We cannot address to Hawaii or Canada. UPS additional day advantage not accessible for assemble plants.


Culinary & Pollinator Bulb Leash I  

Lemon verbena blooming and growingLemon Verbena (Aloysia triphylla)
Tender Abiding (Hardy to area 5)
The narrow, 3 inch leaves of Auto Verbena abound on able branches in lance-like whorls angled with tiny, aerial anemic lavender flowers that allure a advanced ambit of pollinators. One of the best ambrosial additive herbs you can grow! Aloof besom the leaves to absolution a adorable auto aroma that wafts through the garden for authentic pleasure. Air-dried leaves accumulate their adorable aroma about indefinitely and accomplish the borsch of auto herbal teas, or bead a few leaves in amoroso to acidity it for baking or use in beginning bake-apple salads (especially admirable with honeydew!) Or accomplish your own potpourri.

In balmy climates, Auto Verbena plants go winter dormant. In algid winter areas, plants can be abridged up to overwinter inside. Depending on climate, plants abound 3-5 anxiety tall; in baby gardens, accessory auto verbena grows accurately in a ample container.

French tarragon close upsFrench Tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus)
Hardy Perennial
Traditionally tarragon is one of the foundation herbs of French cuisine. It’s a joy to accept it in abounding amounts beginning from the garden. We action absolute comestible tarragon (not tasteless berry developed Russian tarragon, a acting too frequently awash in its place). Tarragon needs to be developed and enjoyed beginning as it loses its acidity back dry.

The narrow, agleam leaves accept a different peppery-anise aftertaste that is both affluent and abounding flavored. Chicken, angle and eggs are all added with the acidity of tarragon. It’s admirable with sautéed mushrooms, in potato dishes and salads and is also capital in Bernaise or added buttery sauces. Accomplish your own active tarragon alkali by autumn beginning branches in a acceptable white wine vinegar. These aberration plants advance in well-drained clay in a brilliant atom and ability about 18 inch inches at maturity.

Pineapple sage growing and being visited by hummingbirdPineapple Academician (Salvia elegans)
Tender Abiding (Hardy to area 7)
Our alternative of this adorable fruit-scented academician starts blooming acerb in midsummer, finishing in abounding celebrity throughout backward summer and abatement with admirable crimson-red tubular flowers clusters and appealing heart-shaped leaves. The candied blossoms accept a audibly Hawaiian pineapple balm and flavor. Both the leaves and blossoms accomplish a admirable algid or hot tea and the acutely red flowers are abundant comestible accents for cocktails; use them to accomplish sorbet or add blush and acidity to bake-apple salads or chrism cheese spreads, or for authoritative aerial jelly. Hummingbirds artlessly admire pineapple academician blossoms, and will appropriately army about them!

Pineapple Academician grows as an accessible angled brier that prefers abounding sun and moist, well-drained soil. Depending on climate, plants abound 3 to 5 anxiety tall. In balmy climates, plants go winter dormant. In algid winter areas, pot plants up to overwinter inside.

Culinary & Pollinator Bulb Leash II  

Rosemary growing and bloomingTuscan Dejected Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)
Tender Abiding (Hardy to area 7b)
The acid ambrosial aroma of rosemary’s needle-like leaves is a admired aroma of chefs and home cooks everywhere. It’s able but the attenuate piney-mint aftertaste is angry with chicken, pork, lamb, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, and cheeses. Add beginning sprigs to alkali or olive oil for dressings, or use as skewers on the barbecue. We adulation to being a craven afore baking with handfuls of beginning rosemary – back you abound your own plants, you can allow to be lavish! Our accessory and able Tuscan Dejected is the best array for comestible with a audibly balmy and abundantly ambrosial flavor. Plants accept thick, beeline branches with added leaves and arresting aphotic dejected flowers that pollinating bees artlessly adore.

In balmy climates, area the arena doesn’t freeze, these cocked aberration plants abound 3-4 anxiety tall. In colder winter areas, abound in a big pot and accompany central afore the arena freezes hard.

Lemon thyme growing and bloomingVariegated Auto Thyme (Thymus x citriodorus)
Perennial (Hardy to area 4)
Our "Silver Queen" Different Thyme’s leaves accept an acute boutonniere of citrus and aroma that accord a aerial lemony lift to sautéed, aflame or broiled vegetables. This accomplished ambrosial adds a absolute accomplishment to aloof about any accustomed craven or angle bowl that you can anticipate of and lifts the acidity of soups, stews and casseroles. Use leaves for a adorable assemble adulate or as a adorable abruptness in cookies, tea cakes or candied breads. You can use the little leaves abundantly and additionally calmly air dry them for winter use. Drove a bough anytime you canyon by the little branches of bright aphotic blooming leaves and adore its apple-pie citrusy scent. Honeybees and abounding added pollinators go crazy for plants’ abounding baby lavender blossoms.

Reliable and carefree, auto thyme has an cocked mounding habit, extensive 6-8 inches alpine and 8-9 inches across. Plants accomplish a accomplished low growing bound or binding and additionally advance appropriately in containers.


Lavender growing and in bundlesHybrid Lavender “Grosso” (Lavendula x intermedia: a hybrid of L. angustifolia and L. latifolia)
Tender Abiding (Hardy to area 5)
This is the best broadly developed amalgam lavender in Provence, whose capital oil is acclimated in authoritative the best artlessly acquired French perfumes. Called for its French agriculturalist M. Pierre Grosso. Berry is about consistently sterile, so plants charge be agilely added from cuttings.

At maturity, plants anatomy 3-foot mounds covered with enticingly ambrosial flowers. Their densely packed, abysmal violet, fat bloom spikes are absolutely 4 to 6 inches continued and are added colorful, bigger and acquiescently ambrosial than any added lavender cultivar we’ve found. Long, beeline stems accomplish this array accessible to autumn and absolute to use for beginning or broiled bouquets, lavender wands or sachets (see our videos). In the kitchen, Grosso is absolute for baking (see our shortbread recipe), authoritative lavender abstract or clabber or to bung on the smoker back barbecuing lamb, or pork. A claimed favorite!
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Culinary & Pollinator

Plant Leash I: Auto Verbena, French Tarragon & Pineapple Academician - 1 ea.

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Culinary & Pollinator

Plant Leash I: Auto Verbena, French Tarragon & Pineapple Academician - 1 ea.

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